Coronavirus Update


A message from the Managing Director;

On behalf of our team here at SEND, we hope you and your families are staying safe during this difficult time.

Firstly, may I say a huge thank you for your dedication and commitment in supporting children with SEND on behalf of SEND Recruitment, you do an amazing job at providing the consistency of care and education needed for these amazing children to ensure they can continue to learn.

Our team here at SEND want you to know that we are still here and although we are currently working on skeleton staffing from home, we are still supporting some of the most vulnerable children who still must have the opportunity to attend school.

We are also looking forward to returning as a team to continue to spread our pink message and make a difference for children with SEND across the uk and overseas once the schools have reopened. We hope you will all still be on board with our SEND community in providing the consistency of care and education our children need and deserve and that you will continue on this journey with us.

Rest assured, we will have long term roles in September, so if you are available and wanting a long term role, please do let us know! This is just a pause whilst we ride through this time to protect the most vulnerable from the Coronoavirus, but we will get through this and there will be many more work opportunities once this over and our SEND community of workers will continue to grow!

As I am sure you will have heard on the news, our government are doing everything they can as much as possible to provide support to all variants of workers. On Friday the 20th March 2020 the government announced the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme pursuant to which HMRC will reimburse up to 80% of the wage costs of workers that have been ‘furloughed’ due to the corona virus, this guidance was updated on the 26th of March to include agency workers if they meet the criteria for furlough pay. Please click here to read government guidelines.

Our payroll team are awaiting further clarification at this stage as to how this will work and when and how it will be paid out, please be rest assured if you are eligible for the scheme, you will receive what you are entitled to in due course. Please bare with us with this as the portal to access these funds is not available until the end of April and that is just the application side.

Once we have the information as to the processes involved with this application and the time scales involved, we will be in touch to advise you and keep you updated of the developments along the way.

We send love and best wishes to you all, please stay at home, safe lives and protect the NHS. We look forward to having you all on board working again soon!

Take care!
Beth Murphy
Managing Director